F. Weise

Fernando Weise

Projects Index

Subdomain/Address Project Name/Description Software Server Status
daf.fweise.de Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a foreign language) html/css "Uranus" Page to be edited
moodle.fweise.de Learning environment for DaF / PDF libraries Moodle "Uranus" Active
biblio.fweise.de Organizing and cataloguing all my books OpenBiblio "Legacy" Active and ongoing
paiol.fweise.de Experimental web radio Icecast "Uranus" Working but rarely broadcasting
img.fweise.de/ Image hosting / photo gallery Chevereto "Uranus" Working but paused
img.fweise.de/post/albums Stamps and postcards collection Chevereto "Uranus" Working but paused
l.fweise.de Link shortener YOURLS "Uranus" Working
penelop.es Small independent press - - Abandoned, domain has expired
gen.fweise.de Genealogy research PhpGEdView "Legacy" Working but paused
brut.fweise.de Poetry & Translation collaborative experiment phpBB Uranus Ongoing

Made in Brazil, hosted in Germany (AWS Europe Zone A)

Last updated: March 20, 2024.

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